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Certified the best BRISOLEY title in Europe.

1982 since! Estetik ve şıklıgın içine En iyi Kaliteyi Sakladık.

Certified the best BRISOLEY title in Europe.

Certified the best BRISOLEY title in Europe.


* Turkish company STORSAN carried out the revolutionary production of the classical SOLAR CRUSHERS, which have been manufactured in Europe by giving strength in the machine from strip aluminum for years and taking the sun's rays due to their fragility.
* 1.1 mm. Thickness extrusion shot, lamellae made of thermic aluminum, increased its resistance to impacts for the second time with its 4-level resistance line against the wind and registered the title of Europe's best BRISOLEY.
* With its 36 years of experience, 20,000 manufacturing and assembly knowledge, it became the first choice in Europe.

* Why 1.1 mm.? And why thermal aluminum? Why wind resistance?
- For a product physically used on the exterior, 0.50 mm. Of course, it does not provide strength because it is not heat-treated (not hardened). This user creates discomfort by taking light AND HEAT from the interstices as a result of the damage of the thin lamellae affected by the wind after a short time after installation and naturally it cannot provide the desired level of protection from heat.

For this reason, STORSAN / BRISOLEY sunshades have been registered under the BRISOLEY brand, producing the best product in Europe with CE certificate, USEFUL MODEL and ISO 9001 - OHSAS 18001 certificates, LIBYA / SURT airport against the sandstorm years ago, AŞKAABAT airport against high wind In September 2019, it became the preferred company in the application of TAV - ANTALYA AIRPORT / INTERNATIONAL LINES terminals and undertook the project.

For this reason, our Turkish architects, mechanical engineers, contractors and housing owners and institutions / Europe's distinguished architects - contractors: Germany AVG GROUP - Switzerland ARMA GLOBAL - MANHAIM HIGH-STOREY BUILDING - and Berlin HARTMANN mbH projects are absolutely mm. They should pay attention to the THICKNESS and THERMAL aluminum.

--- The most important reason for this will be to eliminate the need for air conditioning in hot climate and to save 40% from heating costs in cold climate.